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Businesses can no longer ignore the fact that markets are now conversations. It is no longer what you say about your business or client it is about what the consumer says about your business or client that counts. Building online brand awareness, connecting with bloggers, knowing where your clients are and creating content on social networks, are all key to driving your business forward. Social media means two-way conversations with consumers and as a result customer relations must consistently be improved and built on.

With a myriad of online social media tools to choose from, learning how to navigate this crucial arena is a relentless task. Through our combination of application analysis, profile selection, blog and SEO keyword research, we can help you succeed in creating that vital rapport needed for your online community management.

The onset of social media has meant that businesses have rushed to get across the multitude of tools and applications available and have employed marketing companies or individuals to show them how to master it. We like to take a different approach.

We are here to help you develop your strategy, to link it to the kind of return on investment your business wants to see rather than just showing you how to use it and hoping for the best.

Athough we do have in-house social media training courses, we prefer to develop long-term strategies to help you to grow and sustain that growth. Moving forward without social media is practical impossible in an impatient world that demands answers yesterday. Our professionals are committed to helping you prosper, as, thanks to our social media marketing services, if we do a good job it will not stay secret for long!

Our social media marketing services include:

Social Media Strategy Consultation & Development

 After our initial free consultation, we analyse your business objectives and goals and then integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy.


Social Media Coaching & Training

 When creating a social media strategy it is important to understand and maintain this strategy as well as to evaluate what is working for your business. It is our job to be up to date with all social media trends and we offer coaching to allow you and your team to run your own. Read more about our social media training courses.


Social Media Management

We will manage daily content on your behalf, using blogs, Twitter and other online tools to build relationships with your client base. Some of the social media monitoring tools we use are Hootsuite, MarketMeSuite and Radian 6.


Community Monitoring & Management

Monitoring what is said about your brand is vital, in order to understand your customers and to discover new marketing trends. Knowledge of this will improve your product development as well as effective management of your future marketing campaigns and reputation of your brand. The ultimate aim of this is to develop a “brand loyalty” community that will recommend your services to their own social circles.


Social Media CRM

Intergration of social media into your customer relationship management strategy. It is important to understand that social media is not here to replace your existing customer service rather an additional communication tool between your company and your prospects/customers.


Social Media Profile Creation

We will set up the most suitable social media profiles on the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and will work with you so you can share and produce your content for maximum capacity. For small businesses we use various Facebook page apps such as LikeIt 


Blog Design & Content Promotion

We will design and optimise your personal blog and also promote third party content relevant to your market sector in order to increase your online status as market leaders in your field.


YouTube Optimisation

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with more than 200 million searches on a daily basis. If you have video content ready or promote software solutions, we will record, upload it and optimise it for you just like your web site! Visit to grow your account!


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