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Whether you are looking to outsource your SEO, an SEO training course for you or one of your staff, or you’re simply looking for a second opinion regarding your current organic rankings, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can benefit from our new web site launch offer and use the form below in order to get a tailored on-page optimisation and competitors report for your targeted keywords.

Did you know the top five Google results of any search get 88 percent of the traffic? We can help you optimise your web site so clients who are looking for your services can find you quickly and easily.

Atladas Media – a very experienced  SEO provider – can help your company be found on the internet by targeting the right keywords!

Our Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy services include:

Competitor Analysis

Once we make sure that we have selected the appropriate keywords for your product and online content we will write a full competitors report for you. This service includes both on and off-page optimisation, keyword analysis in the document title, meta description and meta tags, global link popularity, link text of inbound links, keywords used in body text, links from social networks and the number of visitors to the site.

Search Engine & Directory Submission

We will manually submit your site to all the major search engines and directories on the internet. The search engines will then review and evaluate your site. We will do the research for you and submit your site to relevant industry specific directories blogs in order to enhance your link popularity.

Keyword demand, profitability and competition

A keyword is the word people use to search the internet when they are looking for information about a product or a purchase. We will help you identify the best keywords for your site campaign and give you an idea of how competitive these words are. Our job is to find the keywords your customers use, optimise your web pages right away and make sure you are found on the internet. In some cases really obvious keywords are highly competitive making it hard to improve your rankings. In that case we will look for related keywords that are less competitive (long tail keywords) but equally effective, and try to ensure you hold an advantage over your competitors.

On-page optimisation

One of the very first steps of an SEO campaign is on-page optimisation. By the time we finish the optimisation you will be educated in the whole process and have the flexibility to modify your content in the future on your own. We will work on your web site title optimisation (maybe the most important element of this process), your meta description and keywords (not as important as they used to be, still vital for your web site’s ranking performance), your internal linking strategy, your HTML tags as well as your keyword optimisation (including keyword density, long tail keywords and synonyms).

Link building & off-page optimisation

Your global link popularity is by far the best component of your SEO process. If a high quality web site links back to you, Yahoo and Google will “Like” your site more than your competitor’s giving you priority in relevant search terms. We will identify the appropriate blogs, directories and news sites that you should get links from.

Web site content

We will review and edit your web site content to fit the criteria of your web page and web site optimisation.

Position reporting

We will run reports every month to see how your campaign is performing and make necessary changes in order to get the highest possible results.

Software evaluation & recommendation

We have researched and used most of the online software in regards to SEO and social media monitoring. Should you wish to invest in some of these we will help you find the best tools for your strategy and budget.