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Planning your internet marketing strategy is a process that involves so much more than just web design, Search Engine Optimisation campaigns or a subscription to your newsletter It’s important to be familiar with all the principles and tools available in order to make sure that you understand your customers and that you can use these tools for advertising, promotion, brand awareness and customer service which will all hopefully lead to sales!

It’s important to understand that if someone subscribes to your newsletter, blog or email updates it doesn’t mean they are a strong lead for your business.

It can be tricky to get customers to open your newsletter, reduce your bounce rate or engage with website visitors. In this day and age when customers are inundated with choice thanks to the internet and social media, companies need to up their game.

You now need to:

  • attract
  • educate
  • engage

with your potential buyers – not only in order to generate qualified leads but most importantly to convert those buyers into your loyal brand ambassadors.

As marketing strategists, it’s essential that we build our internet marketing strategy around your business growth plan. We analyse your overall strategy and identify where best to focus our efforts to ensure your return on investment. It is important not only to reach the target group best suited to your product or service, but also to make sure that the online customer experience your web site is offering is the best one. It is no good having high traffic and low conversion rates – internet marketing is not simply a numbers game.

Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control are key to your success.

Our Internet Marketing Strategy Services include:

E Marketing Strategy Consultation

Having ideas is great, but it is crucial they form part of a coherent strategy. We carry out a full evaluation for our clients, with a competitor analysis report, marketing segmentation (which allows you to identify and focus on the best prospects), web site inbound marketing analysis as well as promotional and PR activity. We like to take a holistic approach to your business marketing needs, which is cost and time effective, with your long-term goals always in mind.


Pay Per Click Campaigns

Successful management of Pay Per Click can help you achieve strong results, although there is a lot of competition for the handful of main keywords that everyone wants! That’s why we like to go for less obvious words, which, although not as popular, help you bid on a broad selection of words and can maximise results when chosen in the right way. Of course you’ll want to know how many of these ‘click through rates’ actually convert and are truly strong leads? That is why we measure and track your results closely, which helps you reallocate your budget to the terms and phrases that give you the best return on investment.


Re-targeting Advertising 

While it’s a costly practice to re-target your products to every single user who visits your web page, it is extremely important to filter those website visitors who left your shopping page without completing the buying process and re-target them with online advertising. While our SEO services will help you get as many visitors to your web site as possible, re-targeting advertising will assist you to get the most out of this traffic. Re-targeting is one of the most effective ways of internet marketing and online advertising strategy, as your leads are already familiar with your brand and products, so the chances of completing a purchase are much higher than with PPC ads.


Landing Pages & calls to action

We’ll design strong call to actions that will lead visitors to your targeted landing pages of your web site (and your email marketing campaigns for brand consistency) in order to capture your visitor’s information for further engagement and marketing activities.


Content Marketing

We will help you write and distribute ebooks, webinars, videos, infographics, whitepapers, articles or any other form of content we identify that will help to engage your potential customers. Atladas Media is working with professional experienced journalists, who are ready to write your brand’s story. For more information please check our content marketing page.


Email Marketing

Our email marketing services are a brilliant way to communicate your business to customers. Through surveys, newsletters and online campaigns you can get your message out there effectively. Using reports, graphs and statistics we can keep you up to date with how your campaign is doing and follow response, bounce and opening rates. We use the latest tools, so email marketing is made simple and you can track, monitor and evaluate your campaigns.


Web Site Planning

When evaluating your online planning we analyse your audience, their online behavior and how to drive them to your site. We examine your long-term objectives in order to formulate your plan effectively. Whether you are looking for a content outline plan or full implementation of our planning programmes for your site, we can help you.


Activity Reporting

It is vital that you are aware of how your internet marketing strategy is benefiting your business, what’s working and what’s not. Using leading packages such as Google Analytics, Webmasters and WebTrends we produce a range of reports to help you streamline your activity effectively and spend your budget in areas that are working for your business.


Online Reputation

What concerns many businesses is the fear that unhappy customers can tarnish their reputation at the click of a button. Whereas one unhappy customer in the past would not have access to so many networks, now they do. But the good news is that so do happy customers! Our online reputation management services show you how you can keep on top of how your business and understand how it is perceived. We also help you respond accurately and fairly to feedback about your business’s performance. We use the latest technology to answer customer questions and support your online communities, as well as protect against negative comments and help your products/services receive the promotion they deserve.


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