Google Analytics Consulting

Google Analytics is vital when it comes to optimizing, evaluating and measuring what works best as an online marketing strategy.  Understanding what your visitors do when they land on your web page, where they come from, as well as how your web site performs can give you the strong insight into what you should be doing next in order to improve your online performance and maximise your Return on Investment.

It’s important to have access to key information such as what visitors do when they land on your page, which social media channel bring you quality traffic, which keywords perform better or in which country your products are most popular.

Google Analytics can help you answer the below questions as well give you insights as to how you should move forward in the future:

  • Why am I not achieving sales through my online marketing campaigns?
  • What is my most popular service/product?
  • Why is my PPC campaign not making any returns?
  • What happens when someone lands on my web page?
  • I did a “sponsored story” advertisement on Facebook. Where did people go after landing to my blog’s page?

We can help you analyse your current data and generate online marketing strategy intelligence reports that will be invaluable for your company’s online future. It’s important to know whether your campaigns have been successful, that visitors are coming through the right channels and to make sure that they navigate through your web site to the right places.

Data analysis, visitor behavior, goal conversion and keyword performance are vital to your online marketing success and we can offer you that with our Google Analytics Consulting service.

google analytics consulting

This includes:

Google Analytics Account set-up

While setting up Google Analytics is free and quiet straightforward for small web site, it can become very complicated for large e-commerce web sites or multi blog platforms. If the accounts are not set up properly then there is a good chance you are not accessing the data you should and you could get misleading results. We can help you set goals, search for sites, advanced segments, subdomain and traffic alerts to name a few. If you wish to set up your account or make sure that everything is properly placed please do visit our Google Analytics Account set up page.


Google Analytics Consulting

Whether you are planning to re-design your web site from scratch, spend money on PPC and email campaigns, want to find out which keywords perform best or simply to know what happens on your web site once a visitor arrives, we can help you with that and a lot more!  We will analyse the data for you and present you with insights that have the power to kick-start your marketing plan. If you wish to know in more detail about this please visit our Google Analytics Services page.


Google Analytics Training

We provide a Beginer’s Google Analytics Training Course for those who are looking to get a good understanding of how Google Analytics works, tailored to your own account and web site. The course is for up to five people and every case study will be tailored to your personal web site. By the end of the course you will understand what the platform is showing you, how to translate the data as well as how to export and present data to your marketing team.


Google Analytics Health Check

If you have already installed Google Analytics tracking code in your web site we can run a web site Health Check. One of our consultants will meet with you to present an overview of your up-to-date web site activity and consult you as to what to do next in order to improve your web presence and your business ROI. You can find more about our special offer in our Google Analytics Health Check page.


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