Do you use Facebook Ads? If you do, think outside the box!

On a recent social media training course I was running I met a digital photographer who was interested in using Facebook to generate leads and eventually potential customers. Her being a rookie to the social media world, she wasn’t aware of the differences between Facebook and Google ads so the practices she followed did not return anything on her investment, as she mainly behaved as if Facebook was a typical SEO keyword advertisement platform!

In my last blog How to get your Facebook page the thumbs up I was trying to explain that there are no big secrets to succeeding with Facebook ads and that the answer is really simple. If you want to use Facebook you need to do it the consumers’ way and think outside the box!

When it comes to Facebook the following needs to be answered:

  • Who is being targeted with this page
  • Why was it created in the first place
  • Why is it so popular
  • Why people would go to this page – what benefit it gives them

Do not design any marketing or advertising campaigns before having a complete understanding of the above.

Facebook as a marketplace?

Facebook (by population) is the second largest country in the world and there is a reason for that. You think that if Facebook was about brands selling products to customers it would have so many users or would be the most popular application on Androids? I wish things were this way but unfortunately they aren’t. People login to catch up with their friends, look at videos, tag photos, post comment on walls, look for new connections etc etc. I can sit down and write 1000 reasons why they login to Facebook, but I can also tell you for certain that they do not login to buy from you!
So how do we treat Facebook when it comes to advertisement?

Regarding the digital photographer, she was explaining to me how she uploaded different folders, presented photographic lenses and promoted the page with Facebook ads using the word “digital photography”. Now what are the chances that Facebook users would login to find out about digital lenses on Facebook? Minimal I would say.

Now let me recommend this instead

What if instead of doing that, our photographer secured a photography pass at a big well-known festival. For the sake of the example I will use Glastonbury, a very popular festival in the UK (I know it is unrealistic example but it is the way of thinking outside the box that I want to highlight and not present an actual solution for digital photographers).
Say our photographer deleted her photo files from her page and created folders and in each folder added photos that belong to each lense separately. Night lenses, high zoom lenses, big angle lenses, I have no idea about lenses, but you get the picture. Next she goes out there and takes pictures – as many as possible. Pictures under rain, night shots, the crowd dancing, band photos, fireworks everything. She sells lenses so it is all about her quality of photos. Once she gathers her content instead of “digital photography” a better move would be to advertise for the keyword “Glastonbury photos” as there is going to be a strong buzz during the following days with people looking for shots to tag themselves in, share with their friends etc. If she adds a link to each photograph with her web site that’s great publicity!
It’s about providing great value to her content which will then bring value to her brand and Facebook page. Facebook is not about selling we already explained that above. Word of mouth, viral reach and exposure will get enough people to start engaging with your brand and products which will eventually lead to sales.

Will anyone buy?

Let’s use me as an example – for years now I have tried to find a camera that can take pictures in clubs without the use of flash light as I am a big fan of small live shows rather than big ones (like stadiums etc). I may not actively have searched for lenses as I don’t know enough about photography. But if I’d have seen the results of the lenses at a festival say like above, she’d have got herself her first customer through facebook!

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