How to get your Facebook page the thumbs up!

Recently I had a discussion with a company regarding their Facebook page and thought to share my point of view with you all to demonstrate how you should choose your Facebook title and welcome page in order to generate more “Likes” on faceboook (although just for the record: I do not necessarily advocate this as the best way to convert leads – it is just a method for measuring ROl).

Your Facebook marketing title
Let us assume that you have a company called “Borbex”, a company which uses the latest advanced technologies in order to create pain relief products for people who suffer from long time sport injuries. In terms of marketing as a business you should make available information such as what you do, how you do it and why you do it (I am sure all of you have a similar page on your web site titled About us / Why us) with the latter being the most important part when it comes to social media strategy.

So lets have a look at “Borbex”:

What you do: Pain relief products for long-term sport injuries.
How you do it: Using advanced technologies.
Why you do it: To help people who suffer from long-term injuries recover.

One of the most common mistakes businesses do when creating their Facebook page is that they put as the page’s title their company’s name and nothing else. This is one of the most important elements as to whether someone will “Like” your page or not. You always need to incentivise the reader to give the thumbs up to your page, as your company’s title might not mean anything to most people. It will surely drive traffic if you are an internationally known brand with established brand awareness in the market via other traditional channels apart from social media, but what if you are a specialised company not very well known or the owner of a small business with a limited budget?

In that case you need to give a reason, which in most cases should be in your “why you do it”.

Let me explain with an example:
Assume that Borbex decided to create two business Facebook pages, one by using its business title “Borbex” and another by using the “Why you do it” description. They could, say, have these two titles:
“Borbex “ and “Pain relief for long-term sport training injuries – Borbex”
Tell me now, which one of these two pages has a better chance to get more “Likes” on Facebook when searching for similar products?

You are free to make as many pages as you like following the above strategy should you have a number of product categories which refer to completely different target groups. You can use your company’s logo as a main photo for all these pages so you can start building your brand awareness around your “what you do” statement through social media. Regularly contributing to a blog and sharing knowledge and expertise around this area and a Twitter account to announce the blog releases by using highly targeted keywords can help you drive more traffic.

Your Facebook pages content
The second issue I want to mention here is the landing page. I know that there are different marketing methods, all acceptable and potentially successful but let’s assume you do not wish to add a video, or a special discount offer but rather information instead. How do you create the content of this page, of the very first paragraph?
Sit down for a minute and imagine that your Facebook business page was a normal page such as the likes of you and me have when opening a new account on Facebook? After adding your friends you would like to go and “Like” some other groups or people that appeal to your interests. Those interests are the keywords you should use to compile your front page message. In other words you show your personality through your page (which is your business’s personality).

Let me give you an example:
Assume that you are a top university who wishes to create a welcome page and promote a new scholarship scheme to top students who are likely to achieve outstanding marks and see themselves as being very successful. Obviously financial problems are forefront at students’ minds at the moment, as there has been a hike in fees. The concept of attending a university course where financial stress is limited, would be very appealing to students.

Assuming this university was a “student” creating a Facebook page, what would he/she like?
Most probably organisations and bodies who “reward excellence” and “top grades” and give a lot of “opportunities to the country’s future leaders” and “without financial stress”. So the front page text could look like this:
Are you an outstanding student tipped to achieve AAB levels? Would you like your university life to be without financial stress? Well, this could be a realistic option for you! Here at ****** University we like to reward excellence and to ensure we give opportunities to the country’s potential future leaders. We are offering scholarships to UK and EU students who are awarded the top grades.

To conclude, when it comes to social marketing make sure you always give a reason for people to follow you, like you or +1 you and never forget to show your personality, share your thoughts, be a human being. Most of these efforts aim to achieve high sales. However, never forget that ultimately “people buy people” – especially now that the digital world is effectively a socialising space.

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